Sacred Activist

by Redwood Reider

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elsajosephine By so much truth and simplicity in this poetical way of being sacred activist my heart breathes deeply and relie me to the whole. This record is infinite Love in the open space. Favorite track: Sacred Activist.
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A full hour of spoken word resonating to the crafts of acoustic musicians from across Aotearoa and beyond. 9 tracks for keeping our souls whole and charging our hearts for the times ahead.

~ Dedicated to all sacred activists everywhere (yes, you) ~


released February 7, 2015

Musicians: Karen Hunter, Matiu Te Huki, Carmen Salvador, AJ Hickling, Henry Shanks, Daniel C Wagner, Levity Beet, Dan Antell.

Recorded in Aotearoa New Zealand, California & Chile!
Audio production by Bruce Wheelock, Flying Whale Studios, Grass Valley, California, except for:
Sacred Activist & Rising Tide mixed by Levity Beet, Takaka, New Zealand.



all rights reserved


Redwood Reider Tasman, New Zealand

Redwood is a spoken word poet collaborating with musical beings for earth healing... one rhyme at a time.

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Track Name: Hope
Christchurch, New Zealand was the most depressing city I ever inhabited
cold houses boxed in cold gray streets
when I’d try to talk to strangers in the supermarket line, they’d eye me
like I might be clinically insane, like spontaneous human warmth might be a disease

but two months after the ground cracked apart
skyscrapers and masks had tumbled to earth
in cafés at night -- the ones that hadn't fallen down --
people were meeting eyes
making poems out of their rubble strewn insides
and finally hearing each other's stories

and their rhymes became lines in my atlas of hope
cause I've spent enough lifetimes kicking round
this street corner waiting on utopia to roll up magically
now I source my hope in the holy jazz of the daily

I'm over lying by the fire
hoping my one true love will suddenly burst through that door
now hope goes wow how many winter nights alone but how warm self-love glows at my core
(nevertheless, one true love, please feel free to walk through that door at any time)

when Barack Obama won the presidency
I'd already moved across the sea
I was on the other side of a planet when all my friends back home
were dancing pouring champagne for the neighbors in the streets
and watching my computer screen I thought damn I just missed the one brief moment of hope in my lifetime’s US political history

later I realized
the protesters whose drums have danced me down so many cracked streets
have lent me all the hope I need
cause I'm over waiting for one savior to blaze in on unicorn
instead my hope feeds on how many of us will never stop standing up
for the health of this holy world where we were born

melting ice. oceans rise
but here in this valley where I write
people have dug through the dam
to let the blue gray sea lope back in and out gently
longnecked white egrets
have flown back at last
to feed, swoop over the shifting tides
this muddy wetland glistening reborn sunlight
reminding me creativity thrives at margins, in the tumult of tectonic boundaries
reminding me life is always waiting to be invited to revive

in these times
Hope may be an endangered species
not cause nothing never gets better
but cause it's easy to moan of the darkest night
so if all turns to shit, you can smugly smirk,
"oh see it is shit I was right"

Hope is no guarantee there will not be shit
but hope knows anything dead can be composted
Hope means open to emotional risk

Hope, cause when I hold my quivering heart out onstage
someone I've never met always comes up and tells me they feel it

Hope, cause no matter what the doctor’s diagnonsense said,
when the cells in the body believe any wound can be healed, they just heal it

rebels do you crave instant utopia, a shiny new green politics of equality
yours now with just one down payment, er, campaign

but real hope knows sprouts grow from lodgepole cones exploding as flames lick trees
Hope knows dinosaurs crashed
and midst that ash, we mammals finally found open space to evolve
Hope smiles, wondering
what seeds we’ll guide to the light
when the next tower falls
to this forest floor
Hope does not mean we shall not suffer great loss
hope does not mean I believe next week Wall Street CEOs will crawl back into their holes mumbling oh we're so sorry
and be suddenly replaced by queer feminist redistributive earth-based local democracies
well I wouldn't mind that

but I’m trying to train my hope not to ebb and flow so much to the tides of the parts
but to grow in the shape of
our capacity to stare each now in the face
and keep moving from love
shining soft behind your eyes
pulsing from your thumping heart
Track Name: Dance
dance like you know
your sister is the moon and your father the sky
and your mother no other than this wise
hill of rock who supports us,
dance for the seed
sprouting in the garden to feed us enzymes
and dance for the tree bursting in fire to release a lifetime
of wisdom as heat
dance for the sea
washing this shore, cleansing my core
cleansing me of the belief
that we are anything other than a leaf
floating the breeze
and yet we are infinitely powerful
as our thoughts give rise to reality
dance knowing we are just energy and as we raise our vibrations we heal all creation for there is no separation

dance for the spirit in the shimmering cliffs
and for the crystal city rising from sea
and for the wise whale coming ashore
put your crusty live bare muddy feet on earth and dance
dance till your pants are ragged your legs spun and your heart infinitely open and wild
dance with the lungs and smile of a child
dance the grass dance rocks dance rivers trees
and if your body lays down dance motionlessly, every cell singing peace
dance surrender
dance ease
dance trust
dance opening to winds of change for they have come to open us
dance knowing each step is a pilgrimage, every space a temple every prayer an offering of ourselves upon the holy altar, a deathless sacrifice for what is death
dance breath
dance knowing no one has ever left us
you just change form when your body tires
dance and your heart will keep you warm
mother earth fills you with gold light from below
stars sing you into their flow
and sister moon wordlessly tells you all you‘ll ever need to know
dance knowing the journey has so far to go
dance knowing it is already done
dance knowing we are the chosen ones when we choose to be
dance stillness, let it all spin in you, a whole galaxy
and then you begin to see what we are
let go speeding cars
for the greatest journey we can make is to right here
unwind thought lines that entwined us for centuries in fear
opening heart wings that were born to fly
dance knowing the ancestors sing through you
dance knowing they passed on their pain so that you could transmute it by this windy ocean shore
dance knowing they now dance and soar
enjoying what we are

so move, groove, mooooooo
for the holiest thing on earth just might be cow poo
and buddhas are everywhere but you never know who
so be sure to treat everyone as though they might be holiness incarnate sitting beside you
arrived to help you shine your light through the mesh covering of this earthly skin
we don't end or begin – we spiral – we fly
dance just this moment not needing to try
for we are channels between earth and sky
dance til its not you dancing but the universal music dancing through you
dance til you know that in every cell and in your core
and then… grin… and dance some more